Editorial Review for the book The Missy Box by Anne Emerson



The Missy Box, by award winning author Anne Emerson, is an enthralling story of love, adventure and cruel fate. Based on fragments of a real family story, the novel is bookended at Dartmouth College where in 1790 a trunk arrives at the President’s house, triggering a cascade of memories. Spanning an entire century the novel takes us to the court of the mad Danish King, Christian VII in 1770, where Summy has been sent with her slave Phebe to be educated. As the intrigues of the court envelop her she discovers the coded diary of her great grandmother. Gradually she deciphers it, unveiling family secrets and the extraordinary rough and tumble world of St. Thomas in the 1690s. Filled with exotic and memorable characters, from Pundi, an Indian Brahmin doctor, to the brothel keeper, Mette, The Missy Box is a novel that explores deep friendship across the boundaries of slavery, crushing marital betrayal and the harsh realities of surviving in a tropical 17th century plantation world. Like the Signature of All Things and The Storyteller’s Secret, The Missy Box will completely envelop you in an historical world that you never could have imagined.