Disturbing Remains : Dr. Kaili Worthy Series Book 3


In 'Disturbing Remains,' Derek, Kaili's husband, finds himself thrust into a chilling investigation when only a torso is discovered by the police. Racing against time as more gruesome body parts surface, Derek and his team delve deeper into a twisted maze of murders begging to be solved.

Meanwhile, Kaili seeks solace during a sabbatical but is drawn into an unexpected adventure. Assisting her friend Dr. Doris Wolf's discovery of the Canadian Ice Maiden, Kaili utilizes her remarkable ability to communicate with mummies through a spirit box. Together, they venture to unlock the secrets of the Maiden, probing whether she can speak through this otherworldly device.

In this riveting tale of suspense and discovery, 'Disturbing Remains' intertwines Derek and Kaili's divergent paths, blending the unearthly with the all-too-real in a race against time to unearth the truth hidden within ancient and modern mysteries alike.