Editorial Review For Finding My Rainbow



Editorial Review For Finding My Rainbow

"Finding My Rainbow: A Journey of Courage, Acceptance, and Pride" is a story that brings us to a small town in Alabama; it lets us walk alongside a young boy, Josh. Josh is on a tough journey — he is figuring out who he is and how to accept himself in a place where not everything can be openly discussed.

The book does more than just tell Josh's story; it pulls us into the sights and sounds of his world — from the scent of jasmine in the evenings to the sounds of cicadas. Josh uses his diary to pour out his thoughts and feelings — he finds courage in these pages. He's not alone, though; his cousin Stacey and later his family, provide the support he needs.

Through "Finding My Rainbow," we see the world through Josh's eyes — a world that's full of challenges but also full of opportunities to find courage and acceptance. This isn't just a story about growing up; it's about the bravery it takes to be true to yourself.

This book reaches out to young readers, especially those between the ages of 8 and 13. It's a call to understand and support LGBTQ+ youth. It tells them they are not alone and encourages all of us to create a world where everyone can find their rainbow. Through its simple yet powerful narrative, the book aims to touch hearts and change minds; it shows us how love — unconditional and unbounded — can lead the way to acceptance and pride.