Orphans of Avalon (DY51v Series Book One)


Orphans of Avalon

Some heroes are born. Some are bred. Others are chosen.

The year is 2330 and hybrids, genetically modified humans, granted paranormal strength and immortality, safeguard what remains of the North American Continental Bloc’s fragile populace.

The first of their kind, a group of ten hybrid soldiers, seven men and three women, the 
Independents, roam the deadlands, wilds and beyond, hunting down whoever the federal panel deems a threat.

During a routine mission, the oldest and most powerful among them, Sloan Whelan, suddenly goes AWOL. Ordered to find him, the other Independents soon discover their coworker has a soft spot for children—the enemy’s children.

Fleeing in the dead of winter with minimal supplies, it’s a race against time and his co-workers, as Sloan’s determined to get the children to their new home. While everything he thought he knew about his occupation, his genetic modification and the enemy, begins to unravel.

Orphans of Avalon is the first book in the post-apocalyptic paranormal science-fiction series DY51v, that follows a World War IV veteran’s fight to protect everything he holds dear against an unseen evil, while struggling to accept what he’s become.

"It’s a combination of ultra-violence and…family drama? That is very unusual. I had a good time editing this story, which speaks volumes."
- A. Bidnall Editor

"This series has everything: action, suspense, mystery, and romance. Somehow Pearse managed to meld genres in a rare way that completely captivated me. You’ll fall in love with Sloan Whelan and his motley crew. I highly recommend this series."
- K. Charron Author