The Price of Success: Understanding the Cost of Getting a College Degree    

Although the process of preparing for college comes with a price, any student willing to pay that price can achieve a college degree without selling his or her soul.

The Price of Success reveals the secrets to enjoying the process of going to college through strategy, empowerment, and inspiration. Students preparing for the next step in their education can now get on the pathway to a healthy way of achieving a degree and enjoy the success they deserve without fears, anxieties, worry, and confusion. Through the use of guided exercises, young people can learn to be in tune with themselves and to have a positive relationship with themselves and others, allowing them to focus on their bodies needs and make consistently healthy choices.

This guide for college-bound students offers advice designed to help them adequately prepare for their education and new chapter in lifes journey.

Every young adult entering college should read this book immediately! The importance of self-care through diet, exercise, and meditation is overlooked and underpaid. With the proper guidance The Price of Success brings, these students will not only get through school; they will succeed at life.Stacey Garcia, CPT, FNS, WLS, Pn1



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  1. Well, everyone has their own price of success. If we take into account all the stress and experience of the college that are directly related to the fulfillment of tasks (often useless). Add to this the prejudiced attitude of teachers and a bunch of teenage problems, voila! That's the real recipe for success.
    Not so great, right? Focused on the positive result and find personal motivation, I was able only after having coped with the most difficult tasks with homework help Firstly I realized that I didn`t have to spend all time in college. Secondly, I appreciated my abilities and learned to prioritize and select subjects depending on the complexity.
    If someone tells you that success is achievable extremely simply, it is most likely a lie ... Nerves, nerves, and once again nerves, if there is no support from parents' experts and friends ... you are alone in this world, in college, without support you are nobody.


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