Military State: Society on the Verge of Collapse

"Militarism, the soldier's way of life, patriotic devotion to the state - these are the ideals upon which our nation was founded, and these ideals will endure. American dictatorship is stronger than all of us."

- These are among the most shocking words to ever appear in an American novel. Set in an unimaginable post-apocalyptic future, the America of Military State is run by generals - and a place where civil liberties have been consigned to history's scrap heap.

Out of this nightmare world emerge the revolutionary Youth Guards. Their goal: overthrow the military dictatorship and restore America’s founding precepts, as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Can the Youth Guards succeed? Or will the lamp of liberty be extinguished forever? Military State is at once a cautionary tale - and frightening look into the abyss. And now, at long last, the ebook edition of this classic novel is available, so that a new generation of readers can experience the sweeping prose, stupendous set pieces, and searing drama that mark this landmark novel.

Military State is the novel that established Mr. Warren as one of America’s preeminent men of letters. It is a stunning, shocking, visionary achievement.


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