Plucking Poetry from the Air (The Encourageable Endeavors of Calliope Spencer Book 1)

Calliope was simply born to be a poet.
Her prodigious talents are cultivated
under the astute instruction
of Mrs. Rutherford,
her sixth grade teacher.

However, Miranda Michelli is a
considerable, dueling wordsmith in
her own right, as the reigning genius
of their language arts class.

Who will take the penultimate crown
in the Shining Voices Poetry Contest:
Calliope, who pens about the wonders
of nature, or Miranda Michelli, the
resident brainiac in the sixth grade?

Here is a synopsis of what you’ll UNCOVER INSIDE:

Do you want to learn how to read and analyze poetry critically?

Do you want to learn how to create your own poetry?

Young poets will learn how to recite poetry with confidence, young poets will learn what important literary terms mean and how to use them in their own poetry, young writers will learn about notable Jazz Figures, young writers will learn about The Beat Generation and The Harlem Renaissance Literary Movements, young poets will learn self-discipline by completing their poems from start to finish, young writers will learn how to work collaboratively on writing projects, teen writers will learn how to analyze and interpret multicultural works, and teen writers will develop their own literary voices by becoming critical thinkers and readers of literature.


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