Dragon Tooth

Dragon Tooth is an epic dark fantasy, magic plays a significant role in how the world is shaped. Prepare for epic battles, and journeys revolving around Dragon Tooth!

In this world, those who can use magic are called “Mages” and while some spend years mastering their abilities, some can even further their powers by uniting with others in “Magic Guilds”.

The “Guilds” are where the citizens go to in order to resolve their problems by submitting requests that the guilds carry out for a reward. A form of bounty hunting, but done on a structural base.

Dragon Tooth is one of the top guilds on the continent, and this story further follows “Mist” who is the next in-line to assume the mantle of “Master”.

Set foot upon the magical lands where Magic Guilds battle to the top! Dragon Tooth is one of three of the strongest guilds in the known lands. Follow a story of fantasy, principles and mighty battles!

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