Every Known Situation: the antidote to unbalance thinking (cultural equality 101)

Every Known Situation which exists, or has ever existed on Earth, has come about through God’s plan for us. No matter if it is something which is good or something which is bad, it has all come to us through God.
Through a combination of his own thoughts and ideas, poetry and a deep understanding of how situations arise, and how we can embrace and deal with them, Thaddeus Winters guides the reader to a better understanding of God’s intent for humanity.
He tackles thorny issues and problems in a no-nonsense manner, believing that by dealing with them head on we are able to eliminate the foolish thoughts which can tend to take control of our lives and lead us onto paths which are unsuitable, or even dangerous.
Every Known Situation is a book of hope, understanding and enlightenment. It will change your outlook and change your life in ways you might never have thought possible, just with the acceptance that we live through the grace of God and by his will.
Don’t waste any more time. Download it now and experience for yourself the knowledge and positivity it can bring to you.

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