Gyleon Brine and The Festival of the Calling (The Gyleon Brine Fantasy Series Book 1)

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J.K.C. Quinn will take you on a magical journey, through the realm of fantasy and fiction. A best seller to be, this amazing novel will give you the thrill of adventure, with a touch of comedy and fun.



The End of the Shade Wars...


The Shade Wars have taken their toll on Gyleon and his family. When the victorious soldiers return, having defeated the wicked Elrick Kingsman, Gyleon is eager to have his father home, but it isn't to be. When they receive the news that he has died, Gyleon, a brave and determined boy will stop at nothing to find out what happened to him.


Along with his spirited sister, Starla, and the support of his family, Gyleon sets out to discover his destiny.
An epic fantasy adventure story that will leave you wanting more.



The Journey Ahead...


To have any hope of searching the lands of Emerlon, Gyleon must become a mage and harness the powers that simmer in only a lucky few. But that’s just the start. Dark shadows are forming, and pursuing the truth will soon fall second to surviving insurmountable challenges, and an evil greater than he could ever imagine.

Will our friend manage to get through the hardest emotional and physical trials of his life, and remain the same person he once was? Or will he descend into the void of madness the trials will bring forth?


Keep on reading and find out!


***Book One of the Gyleon Brine Series***

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