How-To reduce and manage stress: The ideal Guide for a stress-free and better living

Everybody suffers from stress too often that we treat it already as a normal part of life. What’s curious is we do not really know how to get rid of it. Funny, huh?
Then again, once you find out the deeper trenches of stress, you might not find it as funny. Many times we’ve been told how stress can cause our death. But, you just took it for granted, right? I did, too. Until I started having heartburn attacks and the experience wasn’t a joke.
So, I decided to make this book and shed some light to what stress can do to you and how you can manage it. Yes, the word I am using is manage, because there is just no way that you can get rid of it totally. This book isn’t just a summary of stress and then cramped with how-to’s for stress management. I made sure that in each chapter of at least half of this book will explain to you the dreadful truth about stress. The other half is all for stress management. It includes a wide array of choices to manage your stress depending on our lifestyle. Do you want to know more? Everything is inside, waiting for you!
I worked couple of years as a manager in different corporate companies. During this time, I was confronted with many different situation and has try different approaches. After that time, I learned that habits and motivation is the key to many problems. I want to share the knowledge to all people that faced to similar situation.
I also learned that with the following approach you can manage stress in a better way.