Aunt Judy and the Faeries - Book 1: Arianna and the Deck Faeries

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Do you believe in faeries? Aunt Judy does...

Arianna has just been invited to a sleep-over with her Aunt Judy. Now that she is a big girl of seven years old, this will be the first time that she gets to stay over with her favourite aunt, all by herself, without Mommy.

One thing about Aunt Judy, that is very interesting, is that she really, truly believes in faeries. In fact, she is just crazy about faeries. She has a really lovely home which she has decorated over time, and at great expense, with a magical faerie theme. Everywhere! There are faeries and elves and all sorts of "wee folk" that grace the inside of her beautiful house and all around her front and back gardens.

Faeries, pixie, elves and leprechauns can be found hiding in hedges, shrubs, flower pots and even dangling from her trees. Aunt Judy even had faeries built right into the wrought-iron fence on her lovely, many-layered back deck and also into her gates at the side of her house. Imagine!

One might think that this sounds a bit over-the-top, but it is a faerie wonderland, one that is well-thought-out and quite sophisticated. Everyone who visits would agree.
Arianna thinks this is the best!

While Aunt Judy has travelled to many places in the world, she has not yet gone to Ireland. She really wants to go there, since she believes that it is there where she will be able to find some real faeries. She often talks about this exciting it would be to go to Ireland to look for real faeries!

Wouldn't she be surprised to know that she actually has two, very real, faeries stranded in her own back garden.

Join us to find out where these teeny-tiny faeries have come from, how they got stranded at Aunt Judy's and what Arianna and her aunt do to put big smiles on the faces of these sad faeries.


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