Looking Glass Shattered: Cubicle Commando to Constitutional Conservative Leader (3 Book 1)

Everyone knows and hears Roy Backpack Baron.

The legendary adventurer, anchor host and news editor and learn why Roy Backpack Baron is running to be the President of the United States of America in 2016.

INSTANT GUEST AUTHOR: Roy Backpack Baron, is author of the new smash hit, Looking Glass Shattered: Cubicle Commando to Constitutional Conservative Leader A Roy Backpack Baron TRUE STORY.

"Here at the Writer’s Bloc, we don’t normally review non-fiction, preferring to be oh-so-choosy. There’s a lot of non-fiction out there, and not so much of it is, well, good."

Boy, are we glad Backpack's new memoir, “Looking Glass Shattered,” crossed our desk. Really glad. Backpack delivers another terrific effort, which seems not so much an effort for a broadcaster, journalist and news editor of his talent. He gives us true stories that remain memorable, long after you put the book down.

Roy Backpack Baron

The man known as Backpack donates all his worldly possessions and runs from the corporate cocoon cubicle to go on a four year Odyssey across the USA. Hear the stories, people, events and undercover field operations risks as he spends four years crisscrossing America.

A lot of people ask Backpack, why did you walk away from the cubicle to start adventure and risk?

Roy Backpack Baron says, "I had well over thirty reasons to do it and it's forever changed how I see the world". Backpack learns from retired CIA operatives, Admirals, Generals, Bureau Chiefs, Fortune 500 CEO's to the downtrodden homeless around the USA how our nation is quickly turning into a third world hell hole and how selecting him to be your President in 2016 will turn things around.

Backpack's masterful portrayal of the sheer beauty of America, it's people, wilderness and cities drives this story. Consider “Looking Glass Shattered” opening lines:

At the age of seven I became socially conscious of the need to help our world. My deep observation of life gave birth to my ambition to be the best writer, public speaker, public leader and radio host I can be.

I spent my childhood engaged in logical thought and debates that pushed me to grab the pen to express my thoughts aimed at transforming, educating, and inspiring others.

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Author, Radio Host, Project Manager, CEO, Quality Assurance expert and Entrepreneur,
Roy Baron Announces His 2016 Bid for President of the United States of America.


Roy Baron is a author, businessman, manager, CEO, National Security expert, quality assurance expert, entrepreneur and anchor host of the award winning radio show, former producer anchor host Voices of Global Freedom, where he met with and trained on national security, foreign policy, healthcare, global warming scam, economics and much much more with top military, business, non-profit, scientists, medical doctors, and industry leaders.

The 99% of Americans have endorsed my candidacy.


DALLAS FT WORTH, TX, MARCH 1, 2015 - A true Renaissance man, Roy Baron is the author of bestseller, Looking Glass Shattered, producer anchor host Voices of Global Freedom