Jesus (Yeshua) is a Worm and a Snake too....Among Other Things

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Of the many claims that Jesus made, one stands out as being the most obscure but intriguing characteristics in scripture. Jesus called himself a ‘worm’. How can a man who claims to be equal with God also make himself equivalent to a ‘worm’. If this is true, What does it mean for all of those who believe in him? What does it mean for all of those who do not?

‘Standing at the foot of Mount Herman at the altar of Zeus, Jesus asked a rather profound question of his disciples. He wanted to know from their perspective how they defined him. Before that time, there had been many angel-like gods over the centuries that were purported to be God, and were presented in dramatic and powerfully deceptive ways. After reading Jesus Is a Worm, the same question will be asked of you that was asked of Jesus’ disciples.’ Who do you say he is?