Numagician - Awake The Memory Wizard Within

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Long time ago, my mom asked me to close my eyes and imagine something, I saw only a huge universe with no single stars; my teacher asked me to learn a poem by heart, I forgot it after few hours. Today, I'm able to memorize a long number up to 512 digits, I can draw things from numbers and make people surprised. The secret is the art of Numagician, which unleashes the full potential inside us.

Numagician is a unique drawing technique that turn number into pictures. For example, let's say your friend was born on 3 April (34). You come to him and say, "Do you know that your birthday is very special?" then you draw the Wizard from number 34 on my book cover. Surely, he'll be surprised and feel confident about himself (he may think he have magic)!

Recent researches have shown that our brain has two hemipheres. The left-brain handles verbal information, the right-brain handles visual information. Most successful people weren't born genius, they just learned how to use their brain fully. When you write a number and draw a picture out of that number, you activate both left and right brain. This process not only helps you memorize any number easily, but also unleash the potential inside like the geniuses of all time.

With this book, you will not only able to memorize a long number up to 512 digits like me, but also get a Numagician Memory System that enables you to memorize anything instantly and recall it precisely anytime. Be ready to surprise your friends, and yourself with your photographic memory! And much more...

Lots of self-help books give people a strong motivation to change. However, motivation is just a type of emotion, it won't last forever, so many people give up a week later. This book is different because it included lots of tiny habits. They are actions that you can do everyday to master the technique given in the book without any (or just a little) motivation. So you'll be happy to see your success daily!

"I've conquered Pi mountain, I'm able to recall all 512 digits of Pi number. It was hard at first, but with tiny habit provived in the book, now I can also remember names and acreages of all provinces in our country. That was an amazing experience!"
~ Ho Trung Hieu, from Vietnam.

"I have always considered my memory to be rather poor. But after using the very simple techniques in this book, I am capable of memorizing things many people would deem near impossible, with minimal effort. The author has taught with his experience that how he step by step mastered the techniques and how you can become proficient at them too so that you can get the grasp on your memory. This book is worth having especially if you are tired of looking around for memory improving books. Just commit yourself to the memory techniques present in here for you and get the success graph go through the roof."
~ Morgan Young, from United States of America.

"We all need to improve our memory and this book is a great way to help you to do this. It is an easy-to-read book with some great ideas on how to enhance your memory. I have personally started training my mind, using the principles in this book and have tested my memory with amazing results. This is a ‘must have’ book!"
~ Basil Wood, TEFL Teacher and Tutor in South Africa.

"An amazing book; I read through the book once today and am hooked on to continue to read. The flow of the book is well written and interesting. My favourite portion of the book is the one on magical numbers because it gives many fun ways to help me remember important dates and events. Well, I am not a numagician yet but with constant practice with this book, I am sure I can get there. Highly recommended read for all ages, even your kids will find learning fun with the techniques provided in this book."
~ Ryan Low, from Singapore

This book helped lots of people improve their memory, even changed their life. Now it's yours!

FUSUSU - Nguyen Chu Nam Phuong
From Vietnam, a beautiful country.


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