On Duties: A Guide To Conduct, Obligations, And Decision-Making

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This is the most complete, readable, and explanatory edition of Cicero's "On Duties" available in English.

“On Duties” represents the pinnacle of Western moral philosophy. Not only is it an unmatched practical guide to conduct, it also serves as a profoundly ennobling vision of man. Acknowledged as a moral authority for many centuries, it was the second book (after the Gutenberg Bible) to be printed following the invention of the printing press.

This new English translation by Quintus Curtius brings Cicero into the 21st century, while at the same time preserving the majesty and elegance of the original. Lucid, precise, and accessible for the modern reader, this complete and unabridged translation was designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern reader.

It contains the following special features that are found nowhere else:

1. An innovative topical organizational scheme that permits easy location of subjects and terms
2. Detailed textual notes for unfamiliar terms and historical references
3. Detailed commentaries on the text
4. Complete subject and name index
5. Additional explanatory essays

Quintus Curtius is an attorney, writer, and former Marine officer. He can be found at qcurtius.com.

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