Burning Worlds: The First Principle of Creation

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The concept of Burning Worlds is new. It is the answer to our questions about the 3-D world conditions and the possible evolution of Earth and Humanity. It is the best news I have heard. We are streaming toward home or God consciousness. Our yearning for something not based in fear has propelled us into a new perspective of reality. Who we are, why we are here, where we are going, these are the answers you will find in this book.
My client for QHHT sessions brought forth this new information and experience for us to consider. You may find some of the information outside of your present experience. That will most likely be the case. I ask that you inhabit a mind that considers anything is possible. Listen to the words with an open mind and consider the possibilities without judgement. This dialogue between my client, his Higher Self, and Guidance is dealing with our lives here on Earth as it is now. It also shows us how much bigger we are than what we have been taught. Begin to see yourself as soul, rather than personality. As a soul, how knowledgeable are you? You will begin to expand your perception and your awareness of who you really are with this new information. Make the pictures in your mind and see what is offered here. It is a journey to delight you.

We learn here the size of Creation and our place in it. We will also be shown how we put on the brakes to explore and experience the Creation. So , what is beyond or outside of Creation? It is a discovery process and it is revealed here. We will eventually go all the way Home, but while we are investigating, lets enjoy it, have fun and play in Creation awhile longer.
There is a new view of karma. Who would have guessed what it really is? There is a new view of “death” and the afterlife. Fasten your seat belt and let’s go.

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