Ancient Affliction (Billie James Book 1)

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“You seriously want me to believe that Betty Amos is some kind of ancient being that married her own grandson and raised an army of inbred psychos?”
“Is that the part you’re still struggling with? The inbreeding?”
“Uh, yeah, plus the infanticide, cannibalism, and other varieties of murder? Pretty sure I heard something about double penetration in there too,” Billie said and inwardly cringed as soon as the words left her mouth.

Billie James has finally buried her crazy redneck past and become a respectable member of society. Transplanted from the hills of Arkansas to a mundane suburban utopia in Massachusetts, she’s living the middle-aged-middle-class dream; Pinterest-perfect family, 2,000+ Facebook friends and a burgeoning career as a research virologist with ViroGen Pharmaceuticals.

When Remy Hunter, enigmatic owner of ViroGen, publically removes Billie from a Nobel Prize-nominated study and tasks her with investigating an obscure virus that sounds more like an incognito STD, she’s humiliated. When he further claims that the virus’ effects include superhuman strength, rapid healing, and an intense hunger for all things meaty, she’s outright pissed. He’s got her over a barrel though, and if she doesn’t help him, the past will lurch from its white trash grave to destroy everything she loves.