Stalking Jack: The Hunt Begins... (Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 1)

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Follow Madeline into the streets of Whitechapel as she hunts down the demon, Jack.
The SS City of New York is about to embark on its maiden voyage to London. This lavish liner will have its passengers filled with wonder at its opulence. Madeline Donovan has set sail for London to escape a painful occurrence in her life, but instead she is drawn into the intrigue of a mystery that will have all of London and the world talking. Newspaper accounts of the first victim, of the infamous Jack the Ripper, reach the ship. After that, it is on everyone's mind, especially a group of women, who will entreat her to find their niece, who they believe may be in Whitechapel.

Jonathan Franks, a New York reporter, will become her constant companion, along with others that she will meet along the way. When she arrives in Whitechapel for the first time and sees the squalor and hopelessness that permeates the streets, she is determined to hunt down Jack.

NOTE: Although the victims and timeline are accurate and follow the actual facts, all suspects are fictionalized and do not represent any of the actual suspects including any Royals.
All Madeline Donovan mysteries may be read in any sequence.