Make Your Book: The Author’s and Writer’s Workbook Based on Bestsellers HUGEOrange Review

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HUGEOrange Review

Make Your Book is a complete guide to setting your book up to win.

Where Make Your Book stands out the most is the attention to detail. It offers full featured graphs and illustrations to help the reader understand simply what can often be complex. The chapters end with fun ways to summarize the learning, ranging from simple bullet points to fun and engaging ways like crossword puzzles.
When an author is passionate about their work it really shows. New authors looking to perfect how their book looks on digital and print would benefit from this guide.
Alexis Aronis touches on some of his own experiences and research into what works and what doesn’t for a successful book, going into great depth and detail. It’s for the both the novice and professional serious about taking their career to the next level.

Make Your Book stands out from other “how to write” books by focusing on the industry, research, and how to go about creating and selling your book.


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