The Savior of the Cowans HUGEOrange Review

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HUGEOrange Review

The Savior of the Cowans is an eloquently written book about the struggles of a family during the 1860s.
The story revolves around the Cowan brothers, Richard, William, James and their family. The world building of 1861 was spot on from the scenes to the dialog. It’s easy to see author David Alan’s passion for writing and the research surrounding the book. There’s a good bit of historical nonfiction mixed with some fiction for the story.
The book is filled with well-versed descriptions that both added depth and a bit of history.
“Ireland has always been a hard land. The Romans, gleefully massacring the Britons, took one look at its bogs, its low forests, its squabbling tribes and decided to leave the Irish to their generation’s long fight for survival against the Irish. It shone brightly during the dark ages until the Danes noticed that some of the coastal parts were quite nice after you scraped off the Irish.”

Readers will find themselves fully invested in these brothers through good and bad. Their story finds that little opening at the edge of your soul and takes hold.
The Savior of the Cowans is a triumphant and courageous book deserving of every accolade it receives.

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