The Thing Speaks for Itself: A missing person. A failing mind. A smart, noir thriller

HUGEOrange Publication Review

The Thing Speaks for Itself

by, A.S.A. Durphy

The Thing Speaks for Itself is a must-read thriller series.

Smooth and natural dialog keep the pace of the book fast, helping build tension and suspense along the way.  The author has a way with building characters and the world in such a way that you feel present.  You quickly find yourself being swept up in the story.

Either written by an experienced author under a different name or a truly gifted first time writer.  The Thing Speaks for Itself is the start of what clearly will be a great series.

This book is a quick read that leaves you wanting more.  Fans of private detective mystery books will love this series.  There’s a great use of psychological elements in the writing which adds a whole new dimension to the story.

The Thing Speaks for Itself is clearly deserving of all the accolades it receives.  It’s gritty, new and will satisfy readers.

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