Wildlife - A Dark Thriller

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A terrifying thriller from the bestselling author of Bad Games.

Deep in the Florida Everglades, a tragic accident has ignited a deadly feud between two families.

Meanwhile, a young writer, his girlfriend and her family take a boat ride into the isolated wilds of the Everglades for research on a new book, only to become unwitting witnesses to a brutal crime.

Now, as night falls, forced to travel on foot, they must flee through the treacherous wilderness while desperately avoiding the deadly wildlife...and the far more lethal human predators that are hunting them.

"The best horror novel I've read in a long time...If you are a King, Koontz fan, this ranks right up there."--Amazon Five-Star Review

"A riveting tale set in the Everglades swamp, where some of the human dwellers rival the alligators for sheer cruelty. The story is so well told I read it all at one sitting."--Amazon Five-Star Review

"An action-packed, harrowing jolt of swamp malevolence...Jeff Menapace has done it again."--Amazon Five-Star Review

"Anyone who loves suspense and a fast paced thriller should definitely get this book."--Amazon Five-Star Review

Praise for Jeff Menapace and his award-winning fiction:

Winner of the 2011 Red Adept Reviews Indie Award for Horror

"I find the author to be ridiculously talented." -MichelleR, Red Adept Reviews

"Jeff Menapace is one of the rising stars of the horror suspense thriller genre ... he can scare the daylights out of the best of them." - J. Chambers, Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 10 Reviewer

"If you like Jonathan Kellerman, you'll love Bad Games. Read on if you dare!"

"This psychological thriller will keep you totally captivated and enthralled." -Top Ten Psychological Thrillers