Instant Pot Cookbook

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Instant Pot Cookbook

Healthy and Easy Low Carb Tasty Pressure Cooker Meals

With the advent of technology, we have completely changed the way we live our lives. Right from our traveling to working to cooking – everything is quicker.

Kitchen appliances have reformed drastically in the past 3o years or so, and the way we cook our food has revolutionized. Every corner of our kitchen flaunts a new cooking appliances and one such popular gadget is the instant pot.

The instant pot has changed the face of modern cooking – now looking for a family of 6 is a breeze and can be done without spending hours in front of the stove and without sweating.

The instant pot is extremely easy to use and will improve your cooking experience by leaps and bounds.

Through the medium of this book, we have collated a wide variety of low carb instant pot recipes, which are not just healthy but extremely tasty too.

The recipes have been segregated into breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks and desserts, which will ensure that you have a lot of different types of ingredients to cook with.

Eating a low carb diet will ensure you lead a fit life and keep your weight in control.

We have taken care that all the ingredients used in these recipes are easily available in your local markets and used as much as fresh produce as possible.

Here is just a sample of the Tasty Recipes Inside


    • Orange Infused Steel Cut Oats


    • Huevos Rancheros


    • Savory Porridge


    • Simple Poached Salmon


    • Prawn Curry


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