Autumn Winds (Legends of Gaia Book 1)

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Much has changed in the world since the fall of Muria, more than a millennia ago. With the bloodline of the sorcerers thought to be wiped out, magic became legend and the strange power contained in ancient aetheryte stones has become the focus of science. Yet even now there remain some who can feel a dark force stirring.

The Empire of Xarkanthus has experienced a summer hot with rebellion, but now the cool winds of autumn are blowing and the rebel army is on the retreat. As the aging emperor increasingly loses his political clout, he moves to install his ally, Gannon Arundel, hero of the Twelve Years War. His plan hits a bump when the town of Netharin comes under attack, thrusting Gannon's conspiracy shrouded, half-lyrian son, Sky, into the public eye once again, after four years of virtual exile.

Cyan Delmir, a devoted imperial agent, struggles to preserve order against the ever encroaching chaos that threatens to rip the empire apart. Yet Aldis Hrafenfell, leader of The Returners, continues to pull at the threads, uncovering a dark secret when she and her band of revolutionaries infiltrate Techgnosis: Ayveh's largest aether-power company.

The new High-Priestess of the Temple of Leaves, Lendra Elendar, cursed with pale skin and white hair, finds herself widely scorned, accused of sorcery and sympathy for the rebels. Followers of the temple dwindle in number and the Kratarthian Order rises, preaching subservience to Telos as opposed to reverence for nature. In her darkest moment of despair, a mad prophet appears, presenting her with a choice that could alter the fate of the world.

Every soul resonates within the aether and all destinies are interwoven into the fabric of existence. Still yourself and listen a while. There is a sound emanating from the darkness beyond time.

Can you hear it?

What Readers Have Said

“It's like Game of Thrones meets Final Fantasy.” - Jason Spitzer

“Autumn Winds is fantasy without fireballs. It is serious, emotionally gripping, and deals with issues like philosophy, spirituality, and politics, yet possesses enough action, mystery and magic to satisfy stalwarts of the genre. In that way it is akin to The Lord Of The Rings, though with a setting and style that is uniquely its own.” - Michael Crawford

“This is not a novel packed with mindless violence or erotica designed simply to titillate. This is a thought provoking work that exposes the heart and soul. Though it has some errors on a technical level, it more than makes up for it with the depth of its characters and the raw emotions that are summoned forth from its pages. I eagerly await Book II.” - Elizabeth Ulrich

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