Poor Man's Commodities

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Commodities such as silver, gold and oil play such an important role in everyday life that many investors have found them to be a reliable component of a diversified portfolio.

The same applies to soft commodities, which, especially in times of economic uncertainty, seem to be rapidly gaining popularity among investors worldwide. Some even go as far as claiming that soft commodities are just as safe of an investment as reserved money in the bank while promising better returns.

But what percentage of your portfolio should you allocate to commodities?

In this book, Carey Harris explains why soft commodities are at the bottom of the trade pyramid and how you can take advantage and build a solid investment strategy with what he calls “Poor Man’s Commodities” – even if you don’t have a large budget for investing in the stock market.

"Poor Man’s Commodities" is a straight forward beginner’s guide to hard and soft commodities, which explains the fundamentals to commodity trading without overwhelming you with information.

Get more bang for your buck and learn how to trade commodities today!