Psychology of Seduction and Lust

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They say you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink; I am a Psychologist I knew it was just a saying. Given the right mix of seduction, an alpha male and the manipulation of the right stimuli, not only could you make them drink, you could tell them the well is poisoned and they will still drink from it. We make choices, right or wrong we are primal creatures, and there’s nothing more primal than lust. Adam and Eve ate the poisoned apple despite having knowledge it was poisoned. Take away certainty and guilt, and lust for the forbidden, overtakes us.
Set amongst the most romantic mountain resort in the Canadian Rockies, a 14 day romantic vacation for Izzy and I, free to explore the endless hiking trials, private spa and hot pools. The prefect setting to set Izzy a fire with passion.
Kyle Coffey was an alpha male, who desired the company of intelligence, but lusted for control of everything. Izzy was a married woman of average beauty not a super model, and superior intelligence, who desired her husband to be more dominant. I am Darryl, Izzy’s husband, and I desired to create the prospect of seduction and lust to gain what I sought after most, to live happily ever after with Izzy.
To do this, I will have to cross ethical lines, encourage opportunities for Izzy to be seduced, and to lead the alpha male to the well and make him drink, like Adam and Eve, despite knowing the well was poisoned. The alpha male’s lust for control, to take a man’s wife and sexually dominate her, while her husband watches, was the ultimate trophy of control.
Both Kyle and Izzy were married, faithful and happy. They desired what they did not have, passion. One for intelligence the other dominance. And I was going to set forth a plan to make them chose to drink from the well of Lust. I had tried once before with Izzy, and failed, she remained faithful, but she was keeping secrets. This time I hedged my bets and hoped that Kyle could break her. I had to set her free, not physically free, mentally free from guilt and consequences; only then will Izzy succumb to her wish to be dominated.

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