Color To Relax

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Teacup Sets & Tea Pots from the Color To Relax Series is a coloring book which draws not only adults and teens into the theme that love to drink tea, but also those who delight to explore this theme and it’s aura in a creative and artistic way.

Drinking tea has a rich history, even in royal circles where it is ritually embedded into the daily schedule. Drinking tea is far beyond just consuming a beverage, it is about healthy herbs to benefit the body and spirit, and taking time to sit back and relax either with a loved one or friend, or alone. Time to connect with yourself and others, time to unwind even for a short time. Drinking tea is a beneficial ritual not just for cold days. Combined with coloring the health effects are maximized. This coloring book makes therefore a perfect gift for yourself, your family and friends. Maybe you even start a ritual of coming together for a cup of tea and drawing in your coloring books. May it be so for all the benefits and bliss it will bring along!


  • 30 Hand drawn coloring pages

  • Designed for Adults & Teens

  • Foremost medium coloring skill level, the variety of coloring pages offers though something for every skill level

  • Single sided for best coloring experience

  • No perforated option from the publisher, but the pages are still easy enough to get out

  • 8.5 x 11 Inches

  • Also available in pocket size format 5.25 x 8 Inches, which makes it perfect for taking along in your purse or car

  • Each coloring image is designed to help you relax, unlock precious memories, elevate your spirit & soul, get inspired and to have fun.

Designs include:

  • Teapots

  • Teacups

  • Teacup sets

  • Teacup sets & Teapots

  • Modern & Vintage designs

  • Some images have a background and/or frame

  • Some images include cats, flowers, pastry and more!


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