Showdown at Crossings

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Showdown At Crossings – A Story of Revenge!

When strange lowlanders move to Crossings to raise guard dogs, they shatter Ebe Brown’s comfortable life. As a child, Old Ebe trained to be a mage but failed. He had convinced himself he was content to live out his days in his quiet isolated mountain town. The “dog farmers” destroy his peace with their vandalism and bullying of the local inhabitants. Few dared stand against their terrorism.

One such person is his friend and mentor Old Nance. But when she is attacked and killed by the group for her interference, Ebe must make the decision to avenge her death and redeem himself in the process.

With only the help of Nance's mage dogs, Ebe must face the demons alone. But does he have what it takes to take them down?

...revenge and redemption are his motivation, magic is his ally…

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