Lesbian Lessons: Full Bundle (Learning Yearning)

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A college freshman with jittery nerves arrives at her campus ready to open a new chapter of her life! Little does she realize how lurid - and how alluring - her story will become!

A ~28000 word lesbian tale!


This was not part of the plan. This wasn't part of any plan, in fact. Neither of them had given any serious thought to the other... just fleeting, (relatively) innocent fantasies. But with Christa there tucked against her neck, little breaths shallow and quick, hands hooked around her hips; with Yvonne there, arms around her, normally nonchalant face scrunched with concern, dark eyes searching desperately for some hint or hope of lifting Christa's spirits... it was too much. Instinct took the place of discretion. And instinct was not ready to release the reins.

Christa opened her eyes and looked up at Yvonne, hesitant about what she'd just done. "Was that...?" The uncertainty in her eyes was replaced with a sudden determination and eagerness. "Yvonne... you're so beautiful." Her kisses became less chaste, more aggressive, if somewhat clumsy. Rising from her almost laying position to push herself over Yvonne, she fumbled awkwardly with her hands, wrapping them around Yvonne's shoulders and waist. There was a savagery to her that neither of them knew existed before; a deep-seated urge in her to take Yvonne like a tiger takes her prey, to see Yvonne pinned beneath her, writhing in agony, begging for mercy... when there would be none.