The Sorceress' Prophecy

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For fans of Harry Potter and Twilight comes a story like no other...

Kaia discovers there's a storm of magic within her hands. A swirling energy that craves blood. But it's when her mother mystically disappears that the strangeness really starts to unfold. Fear accompanies Kaia's grief, as Blood-guzzlers, Lycanthropes and yet other creatures of the night emerge, as if somehow drawn to her. And who is this witch who visits her offering aid in her mother's safe return? And why can she charm objects into radiant crystals?

When Kaia joins "The Fraternity"---a witch coven for the otherworldly, and the "magically inclined", she quickly realizes her family is already well known in the wizarding world. And much hated. All because of a prophecy made by an ancient witch, Lilith, involving her ancestor's bloodline. Kaia acquires a few unlikely friends and is even soothed by romance forbidden in the magical city of Londou: a handsome but deadly Alpha-Vampire. But she becomes more uneasy as she gains proof something sinister is at play around her. For one, she gains proof her mother is dying, secondly that every detail of Lilith's dark prophecy is being fulfilled one by one . But even those pale in comparison to the third, frightful truth Kaia uncovers: that her apocalyptic magic is spreading like a cancer inside her. And it might be her that ushers in....ARMAGEDDON!

If you enjoy JK Rowling, Anne Rice or Clive Barker, this will be a ride you won't want to miss.
Enter this fantastical literary Matrix at your own risk. And prepare to be spirited away for hours at a time to lands far and dark. Londou is its name, where the beast-laden land is ruled by a shadowy hierarchy of witches…and one eternal night.

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