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In “Be Encouraged… As You Follow Your Dreams & Visions”, pioneer entrepreneur Edna Wayne Mathews presents a captivating story, magnifying the limitless, life-giving power of faith and encouragement; detailing how each helped her rise from a childhood of debilitating illnesses and racial segregation to become a dedicated social services professional and advocate for children and families and fashion model in the most competitive fashion market in the world, New York City; and, ultimately, realize her dream of becoming a skin care and wellness industry entrepreneur.
Ms. Mathews chronicles her journey from her inauspicious early years to fulfilling her passion for entrepreneurship through becoming a successful, savvy businesswoman in the skin and wellness industry. She shares the many challenges of institutional age, gender and racial discrimination and other pervasive, deeply embedded and historical road blocks to minority and women entrepreneurs, which she encountered and had to overcome in pursuit of the necessary financing for her business. “Be Encouraged… As You Follow Your Dreams & Visions” inspires and captivates you with how she applied her life lessons learned to build a multi-million dollar business. She takes you along the pathways of her life, illustrating how she did not allow her many challenges to derail or defeat her as she pursued the dreams and visions God had given her. She draws you in by detailing how she used her proven Six “Be Encouraged Godly Principles” to help her become a professional, knowledgeable and highly sought after consultant and businesswoman. Edna provides unfailing biblical principle and powerful, winning business and leadership expertise that she gained through success as a business developer, consultant, educator, speaker and powerful presenter as sources of encouragement to others pursuing their dreams and vision. Written with stirring, natural imagery and in an inspirational style of writing, “Be Encouraged… As You Follow Your Dreams & Visions” gives a compelling, real life account of “refusing to-be- counted-out, and, overcoming ‘the-odds”. For more information on the author or “Be Encouraged… As You Follow Your Dreams & Visions”, please visit or Encouraging Life Enterprises at encouraging The book is available for purchase in paperback for $13.99 and ebook $5.99 at,,, and other retail outlets.
Edna Wayne Mathews knows how to… Be Encouraged! Live Encouraged! and Stay Encouraged!

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