The Power of Time Perception

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"This is the mother-load of psychology, neuroscience, and self-help material, all rolled into one! - A rare find!"- Psychology Corner

Do you wonder how time flies? Want to learn the secrets to slow it down?

Now You Can! Live the Longest Year of Your Life, using the latest groundbreaking findings in brain science.

Discover how to extend the good times and fast forward through the bad ones.

Understand how your brain perceive time, what causes time to speed up, and how to slow it down to Make Every Second Count.

As a companion to this book, you will also get:

  • FREE access to the online Speed of Time Test that can measure how fast time runs in your mind

  • A complimentary copy of The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Brain Diet, to maintain an alert brain that is capable of slowing down time.

The Book covers topics such as:

  • Why time flies as we grow older and how to counter that

  • How famous athletes use theri super focus and alertness to perceive time as if in slow motion

  • How your time experience is affected byyour personality, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a morning or evening person, anxious or calm, patient or impulsive, and how easily do you get bored.

  • How your emotions, such as anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, and happiness, affect the speed of time in your mind

  • Mental time travel into the future and how you can harness the power of positive thinking and proper planning

  • Living in the moment to slow down time and live a long life

  • How to look back at a week, month, or year and be satisfied that it was time well spent

  • And much much more...

Ready to Live the Longest Year of Your Life?

The Power of Time Perception offers many answers based on the latest groundbreaking findings in neuroscience and psychology.

Get your copy now! Every Second Counts!