Coaching Che Guevara

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Illustrated Edition, Color - 48 images

“A page turner memoir!”
This genre-bending book invites you to take an unconventional trip with expeditionary artist Alejandro Fogel as author and tour guide. Coaching Che Guevara is both memoir and mystery. The story leaps back and forth through time, traveling from a hike through the Andes to the philosophy of the Kabbalah and into the quandary of quantum physics. Along the way, you will meet Eva PerĂ³n, Mussolini, Che Guevara, Borges, Kafka, Proust, and a host of Alejandro Fogel’s relatives.

Join Fogel in cafes, torn down buildings, and abandoned train stations as he works his way through the fakes that look real and the real things that look fake. Coaching Che Guevara leads you through a hall of mirrors where the magically real and the ultra-rational collide. It is a story without boundaries that traverses an underworld of perception, where Fogel insistently collects the uncollectible--mountains, roads, landscapes and houses that are no longer there and ghosts that are.

Alejandro Fogel was born in Buenos Aires. He has been excavating existence, both temporal and ephemeral for over 40 years. His work has taken the form of writing, paintings, installations, prints, videos, photographs and travel performances. His surviving works are in museums and private collections worldwide. Fogel currently lives in New York City with writer Shelley Berc.