The Shooter Act

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WINNER of the 2016 New Apple summer e-book award: thriller & suspense category.

"...a thrilling piece of fiction...the characterization was a delightful blend of the insane, the wealthy, the powerful....[Shooter Act] rises, peaks, and falls with breath-taking precision."
– Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

A man has taken over terminal 4 in LAX. He’s pulled his gun out and forced everyone to take pictures of him—of what he’s wearing. The QR codes he has pinned to his shirt all link to different web addresses, and as the pictures spread across social media, the world begins to pour over his manifesto. The Shooter has just transformed himself into an information virus.
But as soon as he pulled the trigger he also became something else: the newest target of The Shooter Act. If they catch him, they’ll erase him from history, systematically deleting all record that he ever existed.
The man with the gun knows this especially well because he’s one of the people who helped get the law passed. That’s why it has to be him. He’s the only one who might be able to convince everyone that the law has gone too far, and that it’s being used to hide a murder that implicates some of the most powerful people in the world.
The Shooter Act is nonstop reading, an amazing mix of near-future techno-savvy and realistically detailed action too compelling to put down. A gripping tale of people caught up in a dastardly plot that’s disturbingly believable.