Dawn of Injustice (The Undead Pool Book 2)

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Civil War between the Why-Men has begun! Who will survive the ultimate battle between The Undead Pool and Tigernaut's team of vigilantes? The superhero universe is turned upside down in the ultimate parody of Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

When the ancient goddess, Ta-khara, is suddenly released from her tomb, she devises a fiendish plot to turn the Why-Men against one another.

She convinces Tigernaut that Mace Murdock, Stable, Irene and the Professor have become supervillains, and that they must be destroyed at all costs. Her ultimate aim is to see a Civil War unfold between The Undead Pool and the rest of the Why-Men.

With this to occupy them she will then be able to sit back and watch, as her adversaries tear each other apart.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Government has put together a team of misfits and criminals, including Thomas “Sniper” Berenger, Bliss Paine, Rambo and Brut, with a single remit. They must destroy Ta-khara.

But this is one goddess who isn’t so easily defeated and when she places the team under a spell it forces them to join with Tigernaut, to defeat Mace Murdock and the Why-Men.

The comedy never stops in The Undead Pool: Dawn of Injustice.

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