The Undead Pool: A Superhero Origin Story

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Superheroes battle the living dead in a hilarious spoof of the comic book Universe!

When former mercenary Mace Murdock is subjected to a humiliating and degrading experiment by the evil clown, Zarathustra, it leaves him with accelerated healing powers.

That sounds pretty good, right?

But when you throw an additional side effect of a thirst for human brains into the mix, suddenly the deal doesn’t sound quite so great.

Luckily Mace has enough of a twisted sense of humor that will see him through just about anything and, with his new-found allies, Stable, Psychotic Menacing Schoolgirl and Tigernaut by his side, he feels pretty much invincible.

It’s a good job. Because facing him down and out for revenge is Zarathustra and his zombie clown army, ready to take horror to a new level.

The comedy never ends in the Undead Pool. A demented, humorous, zombie, clown-infested riot of a read that comic book enthusiasts will love.

If you are looking for the ultimate parody of all of your favorite superhero and comic book series, then download The Undead Pool now! Also available is The Undead Pool: Dawn of Injustice.

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