Healing the Empire Series: Complete Box Set

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The complete series of Healing the Empire: Books 1 - 3

The Heir’s Healer (Book 1)
A future king finds himself at odds with the Empire’s leader when he is left to die with only Lily, a healer and now slave, able to save him.

Lily Porter has hidden her abilities her whole life but the moment they are revealed, her entire world is turned upside down. Darien Magnus has been groomed to become the future ruler of the Empire but will unfortunately discover that this does not ensure his safety. Darien soon finds himself at the mercy of Lily and her abilities and on the run.

Where will they go and who can they turn to when the whole of the Empire is against them?

Fleeing the Empire (Book 2)
The Prince and the Healer find themselves running from the Prince’s own army and into the hands of the enemy. Whether or not this is a good decision is left to be discovered but in the end, they have very little choice.

What will happen when they cross enemy lines? Will Lily find herself in more peril due to her abilities? What will the enemy do with the future king in their hands?

Capturing the Empire Book 3)
The time has come for war.

Darien has been driven away from his rightful place as future ruler of The Empire by his uncle’s unceasing quest for power. It is now time for Darien to face his uncle and fight for what he believes in and correct the wrongs of the past. But at the height of the battle Darien hears a scream in the distance that leads him to choose between protecting those he loves and his own need to destroy his uncle.

Lily and Darien have made it this far together. But their futures are anything but clear. While Darien must find a way to return to The Empire, Lily has other options. Will Lily want to return to the Empire that treated her so badly or will she find refuge in the place she’s found?

This complete fantasy series box set will be $0.99 for only a short time so get it while you can at this price. (And enjoy!)

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