Kigaea: Effervescence of Reality

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This is the story of how evil can bring down the most good in one fell swoop, changing existence and everything as we know it. The laws of physics and matter shall no longer abide by the destinies to which they had been subjected upon creation.

New Quixé (pronounced key-chay), the first civilized city on the continent of Dramador, is being overwhelmed by a political struggle. Unequal food rations and maldistribution of currency amongst working members of society are the main issues driving the citizens to revolt.

Miles from New Quixé, hordes of individual tribes gather to discuss the lack of game for hunt and the famine in the land due to the new city. Decisions are made, harsh words are spoken. The hordes will march...

Across the world, a scientist from a distant region takes an interest in an ancient myth. A secret of the gods is revealed to her, igniting a greed and lust for power that will bring utter chaos to the land, and maybe even the world.

A political struggle; a revolutionary rebellion; a clash of opposing cultures: this is the reality of the realm of KIGAEA. In spite of such matters, life as they know it will cease to exist. They will witness an upcoming Cosmic Event that will change the realm forever, marking it with an unforgettable scar that tales will tell for centuries to come.

Witness the rebirth of Magic in a world where Magic had been forgotten.

Welcome to the Effervescence of Reality.

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