LOW JOB: A Filthy Dogs MC Romance Novel

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Lenny “Lowlife” Kesler promised himself that he’ll earn his bottom rocker within the year. He never complained about cleaning the toilets, maintaining the kitchen, and fetching beer for a patch at four in the morning. He knew that these menial chores - these low jobs - were part and parcel of being a prospect.

But when he was asked to serve as a bodyguard for the president’s daughter, he felt that he had hit an all time low. Doing things for the club made him proud. But babysitting a brat was a different matter altogether. He hated the task that was assigned to him.

That is until he saw her.

Samantha Cross left San Mateo five years ago. She chose to be with her mother when her parents got divorced. Her loathing for her dad only intensified since then. But now she’s back in town, for a selfish purpose that she’d rather keep a secret.

She expected her dad to pick her up. It was the least thing he could do for her, she thought. But when another person - an unpatched initiate at that - fetched her at the bus terminal, she was reminded of the many reasons why she abhorred her father.

But then, there was something about this prospect that tickled her fancy. She found him easy to manipulate, so much so that things could actually become amusing for her. Plus, he looked good - really, really good - and that made her think that the days she had to spend in this benighted town didn’t have to be boring after all.

But darkness was descending on San Mateo. The Godless, the vilest motorcycle club in the country, has arrived to force the Filthy Dogs into a patch-over. The Dogs will refuse. The Godless will insist. War will be declared.

And Lenny and Samantha will be caught in the crossfire.

Despite their differences and the animosity that such will breed, they will find their hearts gravitating towards each other. Antipathy will turn into affection. Detestation will transform into desire. Contempt will ignite their passion. And in the ashes of their conflict, they will find love.

As well as a trail of blood and a rain of corpses.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive the violence that will follow them?

Or will their love, as well as themselves, become casualties of a brutal feud?

LOW JOB is a standalone MC biker romance. No cheating. No cliffhanger. More than 50,000 words of fast-paced action, endearing sequences, and steamy scenes. Perfect for fans of S. Nelson, Laura Day, Alexa Riley, Nikki Wild, Sabrina Paige, Vanessa Waltz, Jordan Marie, Scott Hildreth and L. Wilder.

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