The Power of Time Perception

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"This is psychology, neuroscience, and self-help material, all rolled into one!"Psychology Corner
"The 'next level' in time management that many have been looking for"- Midwest Book Review
Do you wonder how time flies? Want to learn the secrets to slow it down? 

With ground-breaking research, now you can live the longest year of your life!

Discover how to extend the good times and fast forward through the bad ones.

Learn how to deal with aging by stretching your perceived lifespan and living a fulfilling life.

Understand how our brains perceive time, what things causes time to speed up, and how to slow it down to Make Every Second Count.

You will also get FREE access to the online test that can measure the speed of time in your brain along with a copy of  The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Brain Diet, that will help you maintain an alert brain that is capable of slowing down time.

The Book covers topics such as:

  • Why time flies as we grow older?

  • How famous athletes manage to perceive things as if in slow motion

  • How certain aspects of your personality influences our time experience?

  • How different emotions affect the speed of time in your mind?

  • Mental time travel into the future and how you can harness its power

  • Ways to live in the moment and slow down time in your life

  • How to look back at a week, month, or year and be satisfied it was time well spent

  • And much more...

Ready to Live the Longest Year of Your Life?

This book is based on the latest ground breaking findings in neuroscience and psychology.
Get your copy today! Every Second Counts!


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