METTLE: a psychological thriller

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Beri Mathieu wants nothing to do with men. Still. She's a gifted sculptor waiting out the pain of a lost love by hiding in her work and working toward a program abroad. But one evening, her days of isolation end when a mesmerizing man sits down at her table. Astonished at his effect on her, she alternates between trying to resist him and wanting to be worthy of him.

When they decide to meet again, Beri insists on a condition to challenge him and to protect herself. As their rendezvous approaches, she endures the ravages of insecurity and the toll of isolation.


Fans of Paula Hawkins, Gillian Flynn and BA Paris will appreciate the deep storytelling of this journey through the dark matter of relationship that goes beyond psychological subtext.

Unexpected is the first installment of METTLE, a 2017 psychological thriller and racy suspense novel built around strong female characters and a riveting male.

Get your copy today and enter the arena.