The Rememberers: The First Turning

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HUGEOrange Publication Review

The Rememberers: The First Turning

By Palden Lhamo

The past, present and future are fluid in The Rememberers: The First Turning, woven into a story of five friends, longtime “nest mates” following their Buddhist paths towards enlightenment. Earth will not last forever with the destruction mankind imposes on it, and they have been chosen to help mitigate the inevitable suffering and possibly even save the planet. They have been granted the gift of remembering past lives to expedite their task.

They have a plan, set prior to this lifetime, to spread the concept of karma and rebirth to all people. Without knowing anything more than their “true” names, they must locate each other in their new bodies and lives before they can carry out their mission. Each had chosen their parents and body from the “Pure Lands” before birth specifically to accelerate their own journeys to enlightenment.

This book was hard to put down. The story of their journeys is an engaging mystery/thriller with a well-written, gentle message. The author, Palden Lhamo, includes brief, easy-to-understand explanations of basic concepts in Buddhism. She also writes, “The intention of this work is not to convert, but to spark a questioning within the reader's mind about life, death, meaning, and reality.”

No matter your feelings about religions, the message here is about kindness, courage and living your best life. The welfare of others is as important as your own, and giving and caring about everyone and everything is the key to true enlightenment.

Whatever viewpoint you read it from, this is a delightful book that will stay in your mind for a long time.