Saw Bear (Bear Shifter Lumberjack Romance)

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Can Love Heal?

A loyal man ...

Buck Kincaid runs his family's timber business on Fate Mountain. He's hardworking, steady, and ready to settle down. It won't be that easy, though -- the morning after a human-shifter dating app finally finds his match, his mate sends him a message that they can never meet.

A wounded woman ...
Maria Reyes knows her sister is happily mated to a bear shifter ... but Maria doesn't feel worthy of a forever love. And that's before she's attacked by a mountain lion shifter. Hiding in the woods, scared and sick, she attacks Buck when he tries to help her.

A dangerous game

Buck won't give up on Maria, no matter how many times she tries to drive him away. She's his mate, and that's that. But when she's abducted, Buck has to save her from more than her own torment. Will he find Maria in time -- and if he does, can he persuade her to trust him?