Complete Me

Love battles for a second chance… 

Running off from her schooling and family, Lexie goes missing for a year with a lover who suddenly turns abusive.

A moment, a meeting, a romance so fleeting… A young woman in distress running away from an abusive lover. 

Desperately trying to get back to her family, Lexie escapes her abusive ex and starts hitch-hiking home. Sam comes to her rescue and pays her way back, but at a price—he makes her promise to return to her studies at MIT.

A magical connection that reaches beyond a decade.

A chance meeting 12 years later reignites the romance and passion that had been dormant for so long. Yet so much has changed. Same isn’t the same man that Lexie met all those years ago, and he’s the one who needs saving now.

Can love survive the harshest of tests? Can Lexie ever learn to trust again?

Complete Me is an intense tale of romance and longing that will leave you begging for more. Check out Khardine Gray’s other tantalizing romances at and be sure to follow her on Twitter at @Khardinegray1 to never miss a sexy new release!

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