This Book Can Make You Famous

Fame is “the state of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.” We all want to be famous for different reasons. Altruists want to do more good, narcissists want the lifestyle, careerists want more power and creatives want their work to be known. And you? How and why will you become famous? This book offers insights and doable ideas. It takes work, but you can find your own path to fame. Dipping into these 40 chapters help you understand your way to being recognized. There are 7.5 billion paths to fame, because that’s how many people are on the planet. Each of us can change, improve ourselves, and acquire the skills we need to become known. We can become fitter, funnier, faster, and bolder. We can each employ tactics to get attention, from protesting to breaking a record to singing a song. You can prank the queen of a European nation, or you can leap from the highest building at a single bound in a wingsuit and survive. You can seek fame simply for the sake of the lifestyle, but that might be as empty a goal as a moth seeking a flame.. Instead, you can find a reason to become famous, a purpose, then assimilate some some doable ideas from this book to achieve your goals. This book can help you get a little press, and then you can build on your successes. It’s totally legitimate for all of us to follow our dreams and satisfy our longing to be recognized for our achievements. It might be easy for you, but it will probably take time and perseverance. Work hard and best of luck!

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