The Fourth Door

Jaxon has survived the only way he has known, by being obedient. His world is littered with soldiers who keep the citizens of Obedience & Fire in order. Obedience is Peace. They praise the same God, eat the same food and wear the same clothes. Obedience is Peace. This is all he knows. This is all he is. Obedience is Peace. 

In Obedience four doors tower over the city. Three of them are closed and locked. The fourth door is always open. No one is allowed in and it has to be guarded to make sure nothing gets out. There are rumors of wars that killed everything inside, rumors of famine and disease. Jaxon knows that rumors are just rumors. Something lives in the land of door four.

He is nearly killed when he is accused of a terrible crime and thrown inside the fourth door to die. What he finds inside isn't frightening or evil, but could actually help him get back home. 

This is a story about a boy becoming a man and discovering that there is more to the world than he thought he knew.

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