The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising

Welcome to the Basilizoic era. A period of life on planet Earth that takes place after humanity drives itself to the brink of extinction with nanotechnology in the year 2045. The post Cenozoic era is definitely a Life Kingdom. With the nanotechnology working its wonders on all of Earth’s other lifeforms, the planet could not possibly look any better. Because in humanity’s stead, large voracious beasts now control the land. Making the Earth as it once was during the dinosaurs’ reign. 
It appears as though Mother Earth is simply getting back what was always rightfully hers: lands free of destruction and suffering by the hands of man. That is not saying the vile species of Homo sapiens is completely eradicated though. For a few thousand of them survive the massive die-off that occurred after The Great Bio War. Doing so by fleeing to the barrier-protected lands within the Wind River Ranges of Lander, Wyoming. 
Shortly after the war, two factions form. They come to be known as ‘The Order’ and ‘The Stigmata’. One faction rules with fear-based manipulation at their primitive settlement around Fiddlers Lake. The other rules with freedom and fair justice at their hi-tech cavernous civilization inside of Mount Chauvenet. In one settlement, everyone is treated as an equal with all of the rights every human should be afforded. In the other, humans are treated as disposable cattle with no real purpose but to serve their affluent overlords. For such cattle is ruled over by a trio of men known as the ‘Top Three’.
Twenty years have passed since The Great Mutiny from Fiddlers Lake, which is when a majority of the settlement up and left the Top Three’s abusive system and found salvation within The Stigmata’s cavernous village. Only to be deemed Mutineers by the wicked trio. Each of whom has a bounty on their head and is to be killed on sight by any Orderman lucky enough to find them.
All of that is in the past though. The year is now 2071 and the two factions are well set in their ways. However, not even the Top Three’s own kin can tolerate their repugnant ways. They seek to buck the trend and actually help their species out instead of torturing them with fear-based manipulation tactics and punishments no being should ever have to endure. Seeing as how they will never be able to change their settlement at Fiddlers Lake, the five adolescents seek to flee such tyranny and find salvation elsewhere. 
Each of the five Mutineers know they have a greater purpose in this world. Such a need to find the truth is what leads them to their inevitable escape. An escape they prepare for for months before sneaking out during The Order’s ‘Winter’s Night’ festival on the eve of the winter solstice. Only for them to eventually run into a band of wandering nomads several miles into their expedition just passed Tayo Park. 
One thing leads to another and the band of men reveal that they are scouts from the notorious Stigmata clan. Upon discovering that the Mutineers are, in fact, direct decedents of the Top Three, the scouts give them an ultimatum: either they make it through their Elders’ training course, Castra Salutem, or they slay them where they stand. Shall they be victorious in their challenging endeavors, the Stigmatamen will take the Mutineers to meet the Elders themselves.
Follow the five Mutineers on their journey. Each chapter begins with a map for you to follow along as they progress on their journey through the Wind River Ranges of Wyoming. From Fiddlers Lake to Valentine Lake passed Mount Chauvenet and everywhere they travel in-between. 
That is not all either. Because you too can be a Mutineer. Submerse yourself deeper into their world by downloading Google Earth and typing in the locations mentioned in the book. Also check out 'Presidential Pareidolia' and become more attuned with America's past Presidents and their wise words that warn us of our country's current plights.
Please educate yourself while you still can. Help save humanity.