A Collection of Short Stories: Volume 1


Short Stories,Volume 1, contains two stories.
The first story, Handmaiden Tales, is about two young girls in the Radiant Lands: Eleni, a girl trained to become a Handmaiden to a noble lady of the realm and a princess, Christin. Both girls face dangers and obstacles and must find their way, with the help of their friends and peers. We watch Eleni go through the first day of the brutal testing required to take her place as a Handmaiden. Meanwhile, Christin has come of age and must find a mate, something she’s not thrilled about — and may not even survive.
The second story, Talon Academy Tales, is about Catris, a cadet training to be a soldier in the Federation. She suddenly becomes the captain of her team, Sigma, when the former captain is murdered in combat with team Delta, their ruthless rivals. She takes her team through the first of the games that will determine the winners, and survivors, of the Academy’s testing for graduation.

Both stories are quite creative and would appeal to teens and adults fond of SciFi/Fantasy.