Skies of Entropy (Age of Entropy)     

The Union is ruled by an elite group of people called the Patricians. They control everything, particularly in the last city-state on Earth - from job placement to breeding. Despite their control of everything, they live far from the rest of humanity, confining themselves to O'Neill cylinders that orbit various planets. Their only contact with the outside world is through servants who run the stations, as well as care for the Patricians. Due to their elitism and separation, their own breeding has become a stagnant pool of genes. Many of the Patricians are mentally ill, and children who display any form of genetic anomaly are hidden away. There is no doubt in the minds of the people of the Union, with the exception of the Patricians, that the Union is broken.

Under their noses, a rebellion has been brewing. While they thought they were able to quell the rebellion by capturing its Earthborn leader, Chale, and brain washing him into forgetting his whole life, the rebellion surged onward, growing in the ranks of servants to the Patricians as well as the planets owned by the Patricians. When Chale escapes from his prison, he is little more than a shadow of his former self, but the rebellion is relying on him. While he struggles to step up to the task ahead of him, others have continued his work throughout the Union. 

Following the points of view of Rota, who tries to be neutral through everything; Melody, a resistance fighter with a secret; Nimble, a Patrician, and his servant Loam; an officer known only as 118299; and of course, Chale.